Who we are

Geotrips.eu CEO At first we are big fans of outdoors activities and travelers. We respect local people and admire the nature. We are trying to understand and capture some of the local spirit instead of impacting them.

We use modern technologies like Immersive Panoramas, HDR photos and GPS mapping to share our experience and to offer enough information for independent travelers as we are.

Besides that some of us are senior web developers and certified java programmers who decided to put effort in creation of this site. We developed an unique trip sharing platform which is free for independent travelers.

If you have any comments, remarks or idea how to improve this site, do not hesitate to contact us at webmaster@geotrips.eu

3D virtual tour commercial services

Are You interested in our bussiness services in 3D virtual tours creation and mutlimedia tourists guides? We operate WORLDWIDE. Please have a look at our business services Rádi Vám připravíme konkrétní nabídku. Jednoduše odešlete následující kontaktní formulář, nebo nás kontaktujte na adrese

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